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Blockchain as a Service - BaaS

Provenance Solution

Big Data Analytics

Financial Services

Who We Are

The name “Verificer” originated from Verify Officer

Verificer is a B2B Blockchain technology company which operates base in Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and other Asia countries

Verificer is Specializing in product tracing and Personal/ Organization profile tracing technology solution


Our Vision

Verificer strive to form a huge verified and trusted products or services database which potentially valuable to every business entity. Verificer will provide a global Data as a Service (DaaS) platform for companies to build artificial intelligence (AI) forecasting, credit scoring, risk analysis, authenticity check, supply chain management, etc.

Our Mission

Verificer provide affordable blockchain solution to all kind of businesses who wish to employ community verification on their products and services by enabling product traceability and anti-counterfeiting. The involvement of community will bring value to the business such as improving sales potential, brand building and public trust. Verificer support transparent digital asset transaction which is tamper-resistant, also support querying and auditing by the community or regulatory authorities such as government or financial institute.

Verificer will become the potential partner with the government financial institutes and media company to provide verified data to help business in financing fund raising by approval automation, also the data can be used for corporate credit scoring analysis.

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Quorum is an Ethereum-based distributed ledger protocol that has been developed by JP Morgan to provide industries with a permissioned implementation of Ethereum that supports transaction and contract privacy.

Global Partners and Supporting Organizations Network

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Let’s work together on your next Blockchain project

Blockchain as a Service - BaaS

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) is a unique model that allows consumers to use the cloud-based services to develop, use and host their blockchain apps, functions and smart contracts. In a nutshell, Verificer provide full-fledged blockchain platforms that ease the development process.

Provenance Solution

Every finished product has a story of where it has been before ending up in the hands of a consumer. Verificer’s Open Data Blockchain technology ensures all parties of genuine tamper resistant information throughout every validation point in the manufacturing and supply chain. With Verificer, all our users are able to trace and validate tagged products at any point in time ensuring peace of mind and authenticity for manufacturers and consumers alike.

Big Data Analytics

For insight into business trends, market demand, demographic market behavior past, present & potential future performance of the company. Stay tuned for more information in Phase 2.

Financial Services

Fast-tracking money matters be it SME loans from banks or directly from Verificer. Interesting progress will follow with the launch of Phase 3.

Get In Touch

We are here

Suite 1213, 12th Floor, Hong Kong Plaza, 188 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 3628 3744
Fax: +852 3628 3364
Email: [email protected]

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